Heating & Cooling Temperature Unit. It comprises the heating / cooling temperature controller, an air recirculating unit and an automatic condensate drain. Operating temperature: 45°C to 10°C below room temperature. Minimum temperature may vary with microscope enclosure dimensions and shape and it is affected by the wattage consumption of electronic devices inside the enclosure.

Superior accuracy is guaranteed by the interplay of four sensors: three for temperature and one for flow rate. The temperature sensors monitor temperature inside the enclosure, inside the Gas Micro-Environmental Chamber and inside the Air Heater. The flow rate sensor controls the rate at which warm air enters the enclosure and ensures smooth operation and fast heating. A proprietary smart algorithm determines the minimum flow rate necessary to maintain the controlled temperature at the set point value.

Okolab Cage Incubation System has both Enclosure (Chamber) Feedback mode as well as Sample Feedback mode as standard features. The end user can select the temperature sensor driving feedback to the controller.

  • Temperature range: from 45°C to 10°C below room temperature
  • Includes Heating and Cooling Controller, air recirculating unit, automatic condensate drain
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1°C
  • # 3 Temperature sensors: in the enclosure, in the gas chamber and inside the air heater
  • # 1 Flow rate sensor inside the air heater
  • Sample or enclosure feedback operation
  • Operated via touch screen interface OKO-TOUCH
  • Double air input and output ensures best temperature uniformity inside the enclosure
  • Compatible with SMART BOX data logger – Optional
  • Integrated LASX 2.0
  • SDK available for integration in third party software