Heating and Cooling Transparent microscope enclosure for DMi8 with STELLARIS. Temperature is controlled by recirculating warm / cold air.

  • Temperature operating range:  14°C to 45°C with room temperature 24°C and a maximum power generation inside the enclosure of 100 W.
  • Enclosure is made of extra thick panels for better thermal insulation.
  • Compatible with all STELLARIS configurations – download compatibility chart
  • Front and cover panels can be removed easily and quickly by means of rotating hinges
  • Sliding doors allow easy access to the microscope and sample
  • Seals and sealed openings allow tubes and cables to be inserted inside the housing
  • Dual air inlets and outlets and constant air circulation ensure stable operation of the system and excellent temperature distribution throughout the housing.
  • Feedback to the temperature unit can be done either by the sample temperature or by the temperature of the air inside the housing.
  • Built in dimmable LED light